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AAPG is beginning ground and flight training in the operations of small unmanned aerial imaging systems. The training consists of: extensive FAA pilot ground training that is considerably more than the minimum requirements set forth the Federal Aviation Administration; flight operations training which includes operations of fully and semi-autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles as well as flight training in the emergency recovery of unmanned aerial vehicles that the primary flight control system has failed; aerial survey flight training and mission planning, remote sensing operations and the processing of the data to include photogrammetric processing, orthographic imaging, feature digitization, and the creation of decision making products.



Unmanned Aviation Flight Training

and Testing Center


Alaska Aviation Proving Ground, Inc. (AAPG) is currently working with Kay Bennett the owner of Silver Springs Airport LLC to open a flight training and testing center at the Silver Springs Airport which is about an hour from Sparks Nevada. The target date for the first flight training in the airport environment is September 2015. Patrick Teagarden, the owner of AAPG who has an extensive background in aviation, remote sensing and teaching teaching believes that quality education is the key to the successful integration of unmanned aerial vehicles into the national airspace system. As such, he realizes that it is imperative that unmanned systems that are sold have the proper operators available and that customers have the opportunity to learn about unmanned aerial vehicle in a professional flight environment. To accomplish this, Mr. Teagarden believes that Silver Springs Airport has the “Right Stuff” to facilitate such a training environment. In cooperation with the University of Nevada Reno, AAPG proposes the development of an Unmanned Aviation Flight Training and Test Center (UAFTTC) where companies can perform flight tests of their new vehicles, universities can send students for both academic and hands on flight training in a combined manned and unmanned flight training program, and companies selling unmanned vehicles can bring their customers to fly their aircraft in at a facility with an emphasis on safe flight operations and mission training. The facilities would be located on the South portion of the Silver Springs Airport on a 40 acre parcel that provides sufficient separation for unmanned aircraft operating in “line of sight” of the operator. AAPG would work with the university research programs to develop an environment that would objectively measure the benefit of using unmanned aircraft systems to reduce the water requirements certain crops. Additionally, the facility would develop terrain features that would be calibrated to give operators the opportunity to acquire various imagery sensor data and process the data against a known measurement. The UAFTTC would be an invaluable asset in the development of unmanned aircraft systems and professional operators who will apply these technologies in the national airspace system.


Whether the customer is a research organization, unmanned vehicle company, customer purchasing a UAS, or even a high school science program; The Silver Springs Unmanned Aviation Flight Training and Testing Center would be an affordable and quality location where people can be trained, test and develop unmanned aviation technologies. The Silver Springs Airport is close enough to be convenient and yet remote enough to give the levels of safety needed to make this a reality.



AAPG is located at: 385 Freeport Blvd. #17 Sparks Nevada 89431

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