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Beginning in Summer of 2015, AAPG will be offering economical contract flight operations using their GEO Mapper I Unmanned Aerial Imaging Systems. The company is currently gearing up and in negotiations for flights in support of utility infrastructure inspections, agricultural research, and mining applications.


AAPG takes a different approach to inspections than most small unmanned aerial vehicle operators. We believe that video inspection of infrastructure is extremely limiting and that he ability to take extremely high resolution still images and to build a model that allows the user to zoom in to the millimeter resolution thereby giving the utility company a much better decision tool that documents the condition at the time of acquisition. Additionally, the use of still images allows the integration of different sensors to provide a more complete picture. AAPG's imaging system is based on a multi-spectral camera system which has 3 cameras each with a different filter to exploit certain problems. These filters can be selected to give a basic RGB image or can use extreme narrow band pass filters to detect specific anomalies.


Beyond the sensor differences, AAPG's primary vehicle is a 30 pound single rotor unmanned helicopter that hosts a data processing computer, solid state hard drives, AHRS with differential GPS, and the multi-spectral imagers. The vehicle is capable of providing around 40 minutes of mission flight duration at sea level. The GEO Mapper I is fully autonomous and has a redundant communications and flight control system allowing the operator to maintain control of the vehicle in the event of all but the most catastrophic systems failures. Additionally, the system is based on an extremely high quality flight control system with an automated return home and land capability should the link to the aircraft fail.


AAPG pilots are all extremely experienced manned aircraft pilots with significant training in the operations of the unmanned aerial vehicles and place safety and security above all other considerations.


If you have an application that you would like to have AAPG provide a demonstration or a quote please contact Patrick Teagarden at (907) 382-5276.





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