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Timothy B. Minor                                                                         Phone:  (775) 673-7477

Associate Research Scientist/Deputy Director                               FAX:  (775) 673-7485

Desert Research Institute                                                                Email:

Division of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences

2215 Raggio Parkway

Reno, Nevada 89512


Education and Training

Monterey Peninsula College General Education A.A., 1978

University of Nevada, Reno Geography B.S.,  1980

University of California, Santa Barbara Geography M.A., 1982


Professional Experience

2012 – present   Deputy Director, Desert Research Institute, Division of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences, Reno, Nevada,

2002 – present   Associate Research GIS/Remote Sensing Scientist, Desert Research Institute, Division of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences, Reno, Nevada,

1991 – 2002    Assistant Research GIS/Remote Sensing Scientist, Desert Research Institute, Division of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences (formerly Biological Sciences Center), Reno, Nevada,

1992 – 1996 Director of the Laboratory for Spatial Analysis; Desert Research Institute, Biological Sciences Center, Reno, Nevada,

1989 – 1991    Remote Sensing Geologist, FMC Gold Company, Reno, Nevada,

1985 – 1989    Cartographer, Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory, Port Hueneme, California


Professional Interests and Activities

Mr. Minor is a geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing scientist, with backgrounds in geology, biology, computer cartography, image processing, thermal imaging, and GIS. His current research interests include the design and analysis of GIS databases to monitor and assess geologic, hydrologic, and ecosystem processes. He conducts image processing research using satellite based remotely sensed data (ASTER, IKONOS, QuickBird, SPOT, LANDSAT, AVHRR, MODIS), as well as airborne based hyperspectral instruments (MASTER, ProSpecTIR, HST, AVIRIS, Probe 1, SEBASS, TIMS) and LiDAR.  Mr. Minor has experience and interests in the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and thermal remotely sensed data.  His specific remote sensing interests include the analysis of arid vegetation regimes, invasive species, surface disturbance analysis, impervious cover, and feature extraction using spectral and contextural classification algorithms.  Mr. Minor has been involved in numerous top-down exploration and modeling efforts which integrate GIS and remote sensing to examine groundwater resources, model recharge/runoff parameters in arid environments, assess mountain watershed water quality, monitor invasive species, map impervious cover, forecast desert terrain parameters, and analyze erosional and sediment transport processes. He is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the Institute's growing image processing and GIS software requirements, and provides technical support for DRI's GIS software users. Mr. Minor teaches introductory and advanced courses in GIS applications and image processing methods.



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