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Alaska Aviation Proving Ground, Inc. is actively seeking research opportunities with universities that are performing research that further the application of unmanned aerial imaging systems in solving real life problems. The University of Nevada Reno is our primary research partner. Currently, we have 5 research projects in negotiations that would apply our GEO Mapper I UAIS in real world research programs. Additionally, AAPG is working with industry to develop research projects that will directly affect the agriculture economics in Nevada.


Nevada‚Äôs agricultural enterprises rely on vast expanses of public and private land for livestock and crop production.  Land managers, including ranchers, farmers and public resource management agencies, often disagree about the best strategies to maintain productivity in these areas, especially because comprehensive datasets are not available at the temporal and spatial scales needed to assess the effects of stressors such as invasive weeds, effects of managed and wild ruminants and persistent drought. In addition, there are often incursions between the public and grazing cattle and wild horses that results in public safety issues and the methods developed through this program may help in developing understanding leading to a decrease in large animals hit by vehicles. Satellite-acquired data have increasingly improving resolution.  For example the Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) satellites provide multispectral imagery with 2 bands at 250 m, 5 bands at 500 m and 29 bands at 1 km every 1 to 2 days.  This may be sufficient for long-term assessment of global and regional trends, but has limited value for short term decisions about management that anticipate and react to rapidly developing conditions.  Nevada, as a federally designated test site for integrating UAVs in the public airspace, has the potential to refine and commercialize applications for agriculture and natural resources management common in the arid western United States.


Low altitude small unmanned aerial imaging systems acquiring centimeter to sub-centimeter 3 band multi-spectral imagery can be valuable in certain conditions in the acquisition of data at temporal and spatial scales sufficient to develop timely informational products for agricultural decision making. sUAS work in Kansas, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico has proven to be effective for collecting information useful in their biome for precision agriculture, wildlife management and high resolution thematic vegetation mapping.  We propose to adapt these techniques for the Western High Desert Biome using single rotor, electric powered aircraft (manufactured and flown by AAPG) with very high quality autopilot and image acquisition equipment.

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