Alaska Aviation Proving Ground, Inc.

Exceptional Photogrammetric Unmanned Aerial Imaging Systems

Unmanned Aerial Remote Sensing and UAV Flight Training


April 2016-         AAPG Delivers GEOMapper II XR3 to NASA Ames Research Center


March 2016       Nevada GOED Awards Research Contract to AAPG and Desert Research Institute


February 2016- AAPG Opens Agriculture UAS Research Proving Ground in Dayton Valley Nevada


January 2016-   NASA Selects AAPG's GEOMapper II XR3 for UTM Test Vehicle


January 2015-   AAPG moves to Sparks Nevada and joins the Nevada FAA UAS Test Site.


February 2015 - AAPG begins final testing of the GEO Mapper I Unmanned Aerial Imaging System. Flight tests are expected to be completed by mid May.


March 2015 -     Patrick Teagarden, the President of AAPG and Dr. Mark Walker jointly propose 5 research projects using the GEO Mapper I to provide remote sensing in support of geospatial research projects.


April 2015 -       First Autonomous Flight of GEO Mapper I.


June 2015-        First Imagery Taken from the GEO Mapper I Unmanned Aerial Imaging System


August 2015-    AAPG receives $15,000 knowledge fund grant from NAASIC

AAPG is located at: 385 Freeport Blvd. #17 Sparks Nevada 89431

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