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Alaska Aviation Proving Ground, Inc. (AlaskaUAV) is a firm believer in the collaboration between industry, research, academic, and community organizations in solving real life problems. Many climate experts have projected that the Western Region’s may face prolonged drought, potentially creating severe environmental and social stresses. Nevada and the western United States need data-driven strategies for adapting to drought, especially with managing the ecological effects on natural resources in wildlands and social and economic resources in populated areas.  Drought conditions will have long-term impacts and it should serve Nevada well to help industry bring technologies and minds together to develop effective strategies.


AlaskaUAV has been developing a team of industry, research, and academic experts to use unmanned aerial vehicles for data acquisition and processing in support of drought mitigation strategies. Our proposal builds a bridge of cooperation between research organizations at all levels and brings the full power of Nevada’s industrial and research community to bear to help develop a better understanding of how unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and sensors can be used to meet the challenges of Nevada’s weather extremes. This includes fostering collaboration between Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) and industry to support the development of a competent core of UAS professionals. Our goal is to provide industrial students with an opportunity to work with industry in the most critical phase of product development—turning a prototype into a product.


AlaskaUAV is currently in the process of transitioning our fully functional prototype unmanned aerial vehicle and developmental camera systems into products for international distribution and domestic commercial services. Our products are still under refinement and we anticipate sales and deliveries in the fourth quarter of 2015. Our vehicle and cameras are currently functional prototypes, capable of being used to support research. The Unmanned Aerial Imaging System (UAIS) has capabilities that are not common in competing products and as such our vehicle can add robust capabilities in drought mitigation research.


This proposal has one primary goal, with five objectives. Our overall goal is to make Nevada a formidable competitor in the emerging international UAS industry.  Our five objectives represent elements of a strategy to build technological, intellectual and human capital to achieve this goal. First these activities will support the refinement of our systems capabilities and equipment and give educational organizations the opportunity to be a part of the process of bringing a product to market. Second, it will support seven proof-of-concept projects conducted by Nevada’s primary research institutions.  These will produce datasets for a range of applications in different environments, which will be the foundation for successful research grants and contracts as their expertise expands and matures.  Third, this proposal will support development of a competent professional UAS workforce by providing opportunities for students in TMCC’s nascent UAS program to gain practical experience in flight operations, maintenance support, mission execution, and data acquisition, processing and interpretation. Fourth, this proposal provides for extended UAIS Flight Support to the University of Nevada and the Desert Research Institute to support drought research beyond this RFI initiative through 2016. This will allow researchers to essentially have on-demand access to UAIS for new proof-of-concept trials and follow-up data acquisition flights as their experience expands. This will provide Nevada’s best minds with the essential tool needed to test and refine the applications of this technology—flight time and access to the very best airborne sensors. Fifth, this proposal accelerates AlaskaUAV’s capability to bring our products to the marketplace and will result in the development of additional Northern Nevada jobs sooner than expected.


As such, Alaska Aviation Proving Ground, Inc. is requesting $50,000 from the State of Nevada’s GOED RFI Number 2015-RFI-01 dated 25 June 2015 for the stated purposes. We have received commitments of matching support from both the University of Nevada, Reno, Desert Research Institute, and our industry partners in the amount of $31,500. This would bring the total support for this project to $81,500.





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