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Dr. Mark J. Walker

Dean and Director, College of Cooperative Extension



Degrees, dates and institutions where awarded:

• Ph.D., 1997.  Soil and Water Engineering, Cornell University

• M.S., 1987.  Water Resources Administration, University of Arizona

• B.A., 1976.  English and Journalism,  SUNY Binghamton

Employment history:

• 2013—present:  interim Dean and Director, University of  Nevada Cooperative Extension

• 2011—2013:  Professor, Chair, Natural Resources and Environmental Science Department, College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources

• 2003 – 2011: Associate Professor, State Extension Water Specialist, University of Nevada

• 1997 – 2003:  Assistant Professor, State Extension Water Specialist, University of Nevada

• 1987 – 1997:  Senior Extension Associate, New York State Water Resources Institute/Center for the Environment, Cornell University

Relevant certifications:

• Current Class 2 Medical Certificate

• 201 completion of private pilot knowledge examination

Selected Relevant Publications and Presentations:

(a) Walker, M.J., D. Mitchell:  “Taking Drone Research to a Higher Level:  the need for partnerships between Universities and AMA-affiliated RC Flying Clubs,” Model Aviation, Academy of Model Aeronautics. Submitted June, 2015; in review

(b) Walker, M.J. (Presenter/Author): Economic Development Conference, Stronger Economies Together. Reno, NV.  “Is there a drone in your future?” May, 2015

(c) Walker, M. J. (Presenter/Author), Tyler, S. W., Richards, M., Lether, S., College of Engineering Distinguished Lecture Poster Session, Academic, Seminar, "Airborne Drones in Environmental Science:  Cheaper, Better, Faster and More Accessible Large Scale Data Collection to Improve Understanding of Natural Resources", University of Nevada College of Engineering. October, 2014.

(d) Walker, M.J. (Presenter/Author): Titans of Industry Conference, “UAS Applications:  A New Way of Exploring the World.” Las Vegas, Nevada. June, 2013

(e) Walker, M. J. (Presenter/Author), Moeser, C. D. , Skalka, C., Frolik, J., 79th Annual Western Snow Conference, Academic, "Application of a Distributed Wireless Network for Quantifying Areal Snow Depth and Water Equivalence", Western Snow Conference. April, 2011.

(f) Walker, M. J., Wilcox, B., Wong, M. (2008). Coastal Watershed Management. In Fares, A.; Elkadi., A.I. (Ed.), Waterborne Zoonoses and Changes in Hydrologic Response Due to Watershed Development (pp. 349-359).



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