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Andrew Oxner


Objective My role on the Unmanned Aerial Imaging System (UAIS) Product Refinement, Data Validation, and Extended Flight Support GOED RFI, is as a Systems Engineering / Science Advisor, and as a technical writer.

I look forward to applying my broad base of technical skills in support of Dayton Valley Turf’s test plot development, including experimental design, ground instrumentation deployment, control of variables, and analysis and interpretation of results from UAIS fly-overs.  Technical writing will include procedure development, report generation, and presentations of results.


 Well-versed and experienced in alternative energy technologies including geothermal, biodiesel, combined heat and power, electric vehicles, and wind generators;

 Extensive experience in utility infrastructure, including water and power; pumps, wells, pipelines, and irrigation.

 Familiar with electrical transmission, 3-phase, substation transformers, fuses, power factor correction, and switch gear;

 Excellent written, verbal, and electronic communication skills, including use of MS Office, Adobe Illustrator.  Engaging public speaker, expert in MS Power Point;

 Intimately knowledgeable in organic vapor Rankine cycles (design criteria and construction), heat exchangers, geothermal brine chemistry, and corrosion and scaling issues;

 Hands-on experience with geothermal blowout prevention and high temperature well safety and control.

 Specific experience with power conversion (electric vehicle drives, gas laser and flash lamp circuits, solar and battery charging), with analytical laboratory equipment (GC/MS, AAS, ICPS, Electrophoresis, and HPLC), and with multi channel data acquisition systems;

 Experienced with electrical energy storage methods, particularly batteries (NiMH, NiCd; Li-Ion, Pb-acid), capacitors, and inductive systems, and gas insulated switches;

 Well versed in the OSHA Laboratory Safety Standard, ANSI Z136 Laser Safety Standards, and DOE-specific requirements;

 Highly experienced in management of hazardous materials and waste minimization, knowledgeable in environmentally sound equipment decommissioning and recycling practices;

 Trained to service Sandia Marx (3 MV capacitor discharge) modules;

 Trained to operate fork trucks, enter Confined Spaces, use LOTO devices, handle refrigerants, work on MSHA (mine) sites, and scuba dive;

 Proficient in microfabrication techniques, soldering, UV cure adhesives, glass and ceramics, and in the properties and manipulation of specialty materials;

 Proficient in library and journal usage, able to do patent searches, and research;

 Expert in all aspects of vacuum practice, proficient in Vactran, a vacuum system simulation software package;

 Skilled in mechanical fabrication techniques such as glasswork, brazing, machining, optical polishing, and vacuum impregnation/potting.

 Knowledgeable and innovative electronics technician/troubleshooter;



2011-Present            ElectraTherm Reno, NV

ORC Systems Engineer/Engineering Lead

 Responsible for the CE certification of a green generator product including compliance with Low Voltage, Machinery, Electromagnetic, and Pressurized Equipment Directives;

 Supervised development of comprehensive ORC thermodynamic model to design new products;

 Instrumental in the start-up of the world’s smallest geothermal power plate at Rye Patch, NV;

 Conducted product Hazard Analysis, FMEA, and Participated in Design Reviews;

 Responsible for shop safety inspections and OSHA compliance;

 Completed equipment and customer service trips to Alaska and Europe;

 Presented at Power Generation and Geothermal energy conferences, attended an Ecological Farming Conference.


2009-2011             ElectraTherm Reno, NV

Sales Engineer

 Evaluated projects on the basis of available heat for operation of ORC equipment – assisted in ROI calculations

 Developed modeling tools to estimate performance of the ORC with both liquid and gaseous streams

 Attended Geothermal Energy and Power Generation trade shows both domestically and abroad.

 Conducted engineering assessments of competing technologies

 Collected and published test data on system performance, sound levels, and electromagnetic compatibility.

 Wrote the  Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual for the “Green Machine”


2008-2009            Desert Research Institute. Reno, NV

Chemical Safety Officer

 Responsible for the chemical safety programs at the DRI research facilities in  Reno and Las Vegas,  NV;

 Developed chemical safety training programs and presentations;

 Direct contact with research faculty, staff and students promoting lab safety;

 Achieved hazard reduction in numerous lab activities;

 Responsible for lab safety inspections and OSHA compliance;

 Conducted scientific protocol review and assessment and mitigation of hazards, fostered facilitative and collaborative “can-do” safety culture.

2001-2008            UNR Physics Dept. Reno, NV

Principal Development Technician

 Operated and maintained the Zebra pulsed power generator for over 300 shots, participated in experiment design and fielding;

 Developed a load fabrication facility comprised of microscopes, spot welders, balances, a laminar flow workspace, a large fine wire inventory, and other small and micro scale target-related infrastructure;

 Improved maintenance and reliability of Zebra, wrote procedures, organized spares, and supervised both students and staff in technical operations;

 Made presentations on high voltage safety, authored EH&S documentation, organized MSDS binders, assured safe chemical usage and waste minimization, published safety pamphlets;

 Developed skills in procurement using PVS net and UNR purchasing requisition forms; developed equipment inventory database, set up fabrication accounts, wrote budgets;

 Specified, refurbished, and ordered vacuum pumps, chillers, gauging systems, valves, and other components for the Leopard Laser;

 Assisted in the development of the Atmospheric Plasma Laboratory, designed vacuum and gas handling, specified system components, and participated in operations, troubleshooting, and student mentorship.

 Worked off-site at the Air Force Research Lab, with operation and repairs at Shiva/Star’s new FRC, fielded 100 GPa diamond anvil cells with lithium aluminum hydride and nitride at the Advanced Light Source, Berkeley National Lab, operated EDM sinker for gasket fabrication.

 Designed and built automated high pressure multi channel hydride cycling (Sievert’s Apparatus) for UNR Chem. and Met. Eng. Dept.  Designed and built 3 vacuum systems with National Instruments interfaces.  Repaired X-ray diffractometers.  Assisted in the construction and operation of a Knudsen effusion torsion balance, high temperature uranium diffusion test cell, “QA” corrosion test apparatus, safety projectile screen, and other systems.

1996- 2001              UNR Physics Dept. Reno, NV

Development Technician

 Reassembled and operated the Zebra pulsed power generator;

 Supervised students;

 Developed protocols, eliminated hazards, and achieved a safe workplace;

 Participated in the design of experimental apparatus;

 Conducted tours, made presentations at conferences, schools, and public events; designed and built unique interactive demonstrations;

 Gained proficiency at technical operations underwater.

 Conducted major portions of the disassembly of Zebra at LANL;

 Made substantial contributions to the site selection and planning of the NTF;

 Assisted in proposal development;

Education  B.S. (Summa Cum Laude, Physical Geography Concentration), Excelsior College, Albany, New York.

 Honors Program, UNR, Reno, Nevada

 NASA/Jove graduate credits, Remote Sensing, at Southern Oregon University, Ashland, Oregon;

 North Medford High School Class of ’93, Senior Class President, National Honor Society.

 EPA certified refrigerant technician with 608 Universal and 609 Transportation certs.

 MSHA Part 48 miner training

Service  Conducted numerous demos and outreach programs for local schools;

 Provided technical support and equipment to Nevada Festival Ballet and Bruka Theater for safe pyrotechnic and high voltage effects;

 Providing mentoring help to students.

 Donated electric bus used at UNR for “Taking Physics on the Road” outreach.

 Amateur radio operator, KF7BNQ.




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