Alaska Aviation Proving Ground, Inc.

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GEOMapper II XR3

Unmanned Aerial Imaging System


Vehicle Specifications


Vehicle Type:                       Single Rotor Conventional Designed Helicopter

Maximum Gross Weight:    55 Pounds Standard

Length:                                10.5 Feet

Height:                                 22 Inches

Empty Weight:                   14 Pounds


Autopilot:                                     MIcroPilot Triple Redundant Autopilot

Nominal Flight Endurance :       60 Minutes 22,000 LIPO Battery System

Nominal Flight Endurance XL:  80 Minutes 33,000 LIPO Battery System


Nominal Data Acquisition Speed:    10-30 MPH

Images Acquired per Second:          6-18 Images/sec

Operational Altitudes:                       Surface-450 Feet AGL

Maximum Operating Altitude:           12,000 MSL Estimated

Maximum Speed:                               30 MPH


Camera Specifications


Megapixel:             8.8 megapixel

Sensor:                  Sony ICX674 CCD Sensor with ExView HAD II Quad Tap Sensor

Lenses:                 12mm Standard, Optional 8, 17mm available Schneider Optics

Filters:                   3 Standard NDVI Andover Filters (Optional Filters Available)

Camera System Weight:      7.5 Pounds including single axis stabilization

                                            Optional 2 and 3 axis stabilization available

Camera Control System:    Linux based Celeron Processor Computer

On Board Data Storage:  250GB Solid State Hard Drive (512GB Optional SSD)


* Specifications are based on current testing and are subject to some variation.


AAPG is located at: 385 Freeport Blvd. #17 Sparks Nevada 89431

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