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Unmanned Aerial Remote Sensing and UAV Flight Training


AAPG is an Alaskan Corporation with our manufacturing and primary office in Sparks Nevada. Led by Patrick Teagarden, the company has four employees including: three part-time pilots and a full-time software engineer. Currently, we are completing the flight testing and beginning the productization of our first unmanned aerial imaging system known as the GEO Mapper I. The first vehicle is available for sale in October 2015 and we have two vehicles available for scientific research projects, and contract operations. Our vehicles are equipped with multi-spectral vertical imaging cameras capable of supporting agriculture, mining, forestry, and utility tower, pipeline and bridge inspection.


The primary difference between AAPG and other companies that produce unmanned aerial vehicles is that we begin with the application and determine the decision making production work flow identifying the correct sensor and working environment. After that analysis we develop the vehicle to host the vehicle. The vehicle is simply the host for the sensor and our objective is to develop a host vehicle that can support and protect the sensor and complete your projects. Currently, based on the FAA rules and the normal remote sensing requirements we believed that the helicopter type vertical takeoff vehicle was the best place to start. When your limited by altitude above the ground and the sensors are heavy the conventional helicopter is often the best choice. However, we are currently developing a fixed wing host vehicle for applications that require remote sensing over extremely large areas.


AAPG can provide the vehicle, imaging system, work flow production services, and remote sensing acquisitions using our unmanned aerial vehicles. We can provide acquisition services in both Alaska and the Western United States.



AAPG is located at: 385 Freeport Blvd. #17 Sparks Nevada 89431

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